Log Baskets

Rattan log baskets are definitely not just for logs, Christmas, childrens’ toys, waste paper, shoes, boots, empty bottles and so many other uses the mind starts to wander…. Whilst we were showing our log basket range at Harrogate Hearth and Home Show earlier this year I decided to count up the different styles of log basket we were offering, I gave up when I reached sixty and I’m not talking about my age!The variety is immense – wheeled, lined, natural, grey, square, round, oval, oblong, tall, short – I’m exhausted! In short, if you can’t find something to suit you are either extremely particular or sad.A log basket by the side of the fire gives a really homely feel.
Our stock includes small baskets designed to be carried from log store to sitting room right up to giant baskets designed to stay put by the fire or by the door.
All our log baskets are extremely durable and beautifully made.
Your customers can always buy cheaper log baskets elsewhere – but they won’t last as long!

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