Established for over 30 years, Roudham Trading is a leading wholesale and trade basket supplier in the UK. We stock a large variety of rattan basketware such as table, shopping, gift, wine carriers, storage, logs, dogs, trunks, chests, linen and floral baskets.

We also import palm and bulrush basketware from Morocco including shoppers, storage, trays and cradles.

For very fine and beautifully constructed basketware we went to Myanmar and sourced table mats, fruit bowls, dog beds, storage, chests and a small amount of furniture.

We also supply first quality rattan furniture including chairs, settees, tables and screens and all weather outdoor seating.

Our warehouse is located close to East Harling in Norfolk from which we are happy to serve “cash and carry” customers by appointment. The principal part of the business lies in serving the trade across the country, from gift shops to garden centres, food manufacturers to hamper suppliers, delicatessens to stove shops, pet shops to mail-order catalogues throughout the UK.

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10/6781 Set of 3 Oval Greywash Dog Baskets

Clearance Offer – Set of 3 Dog Beds – £20 off…

The Set of 3 Dog Beds 10/6781 have been reduced by £20 per set which should see them scurrying delightedly out of our door towards yours. You are all right, yes, they don’t have cushions but don’t worry, not all of our pets are covered in saccharin and demand purrfectly fitted cushions, but, actually do prefer one of your old woollies, blankets, towels – something which reminds them of you, something which gives them security because they can smell you and therefore know that you are not too far away!

09/8014 Set of 2 Grey Dog Sofas with Cushions

Special Offer – Set of 2 Dog Sofas reduced by £40!

Some pets do have a grandiose idea of their place in your family, so much so that they insist on taking up the whole sofa leaving you, very often, on the floor! So, great idea, think horizontally, and buy them their very own sofa! Not only do you regain command of your own sofa, but, doesn’t your favourite pooch look oh, so, cute and comfortable, at home in their own little world, across the room on their own, personal, sofa. Yippee! Job done!! To help your customers achieve this obvious state of bliss, we have reduced the price of this Fabulous Set of 2 Dog Sofas 09/8014 by an incredible £40!

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